No Pit So Deep

One may wonder why I chose the above title for my blog and today’s introduction.  It is a quote from one of my favorite authors, Corrie Ten Boom,who wrote about our Lord Jesus…

There is no Pit So Deep as He is not deeper still..

Think about that for a while.  Is it really true?  Is God so deep as to be deeper than our deepest pain and sorrow? Is he deeper than our deepest trouble?

This blog is devoted to this question.  Is He really that deep that He can fell our deepest pain? and not only feel it with us, but help us out of that deep pit?

I hope you get some comfort in my words in this blog, for I have come a long way on my personal journey towards wholeness.  But Im not there yet, and neither are you.  So, if you dare, journey with me in some of the trials of my life and lets get some healing and comfort together…..